Fuel and currency surcharges

On this page Bring Cargo International publishes the current surcharges for fuel and currency.

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Fuel surcharge

The level of the fuel surcharge is determined by the average price of diesel in Europe.

Bring Cargo International's fuel surcharge, which also includes Ad-Blue, is adjusted on the 10th of each month. The cost of the fuel surcharge is shown separately on the invoice.

To determine the current fuel surcharge, we use the European Commission's Diesel index European Commission's Diesel index, (EU prices with taxes), base year 2018, and SÅ index K22SÅ0950 Ad-Blue, base year 2022.

Currency surcharge

The currency surcharge is calculated as a percentage of the shipping cost.

Surcharges for each country can be seen in the table below. The surcharge is shown separately on the invoice.

The percentage rate is determined each month based on calculations on the development of the Swedish krone (SEK) in relation to other currencies. Base date is 2018-01-03 and current exchange rates are provided by Sweden's National Bank. Sweden's National Bank.


Fuel and currency surcharges for period: 2023-11-10 - 2023-12-09

CounttryCountry codeFuel %Currency %
SwitzerlandCH17,3031,77 *
Other countriesALL17,3012,92

* = Currency surcharge only applies to shipments with a shipping weight of less than 2500 kg, for larger shipments the standard currency surcharge is applied.


Surcharges previous period: 2023-10-10 - 2023-11-09

CounttryCountry codeFuel %Currency %
SwitzerlandCH17,3733,05 *
Other countriesALL17,3714,37

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If you have questions about the fuel and currency surcharges, you are most welcome to contact your local office or contact person. Here you will find our contact details.

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