Mailbox parcel

The parcels are delivered at the same time as the morning newspaper in the mailbox to the majority of all Swedish households.

  • Delivery directly to the mailbox
  • Applies to parcels up to 5 kg
  • Almost nationwide in Sweden (about 95% of all households)
  • Traceable all the way
  • Delivery Monday-Saturday

In collaboration with Early Bird, we can deliver your parcels directly to the recipient's mailbox at the same time as the morning newspaper. The parcels that cannot be placed in the mailbox are instead hung in a bag on the recipient's mailbox or door, or alternatively placed outside the door. The delivery is notified via SMS to the recipient.

If the parcel cannot be delivered to the recipient's address, for example due to that a mailbox is missing or that the door is locked, the parcel is instead delivered to one of Bring's pickup points. The recipient is notified via SMS or e-mail.

What does it cost?

Please contact Bring Parcels via the enquiry form, or get in touch with your sales contact at Bring, for more information.

Measures and weight

  • The parcel may weigh from 100/150 grams to 5 kg
  • Dimensions: length max 600 mm, and length + width + height max 900 mm