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Other information about customs

Information about certificate of origin, CMR waybills and more relating to customs.


When you send BulkSplit to Norway, you must use a representative in the receiving country who will make the tax account for the country's tax authorities. The representative must, of course, be registered in the receiving country. We can help you with this if you do not have a representative. Contact your respective salesperson and you will be assisted.

Excise permit and export restrictions

For certain types of products, you must enclose a special excise permit. Different countries have different rules on which instances an excise permit is required. As an exporter you always have the responsibility to keep a check on which rules apply. For example, you can obtain further information from the Trade Council.

Certificate of origin - EUR 1 or invoice declaration

Origin goods sent to countries with which the EU has free trade agreements can be exempted in whole or in part from customs duties. In such cases, either the movement certificate EUR 1 must be attached or the invoice declaration must be written or stamped on the invoice. Contact the Export Council, the Customs Administration or your Chamber of Commerce for more information on rules regarding the declaration of origin.

You can order the EUR 1 movement certificate from one of Sweden's chambers of commerce. The certificate must bear the stamp and signature of the Swedish Customs before it is attached to the consignment. The following information must be stated on the EUR 1:

  • The name and address of the exporter and recipient
  • The continuous numbering of goods type (parcel numberthe number of parcels/the product type)
  • The certificate from the Customs Administration (Tullverket)
  • The country of origin of the goods
  • The receiving country
  • The gross weight/kg
  • The invoice number/date
  • The exporter's signature (written in advance)

If you use an invoice declaration, the following must be stated on the invoice "The exporter of the products covered by this document (customs authorization no…) declares that, except where otherwise indicated, these products are of EEA preferential origin."

If your parcels and pallets with originating goods exceed SEK 64,000 (in some countries max SEK 55,000), you must have a special permit from the Customs Administration (Tullverket) to be able to use the invoice declaration. Enter your permit number when writing/stamping the invoice declaration.

Introduction rules/introduction authorisation

For questions regarding introduction rules, you can contact the Trade council, the customs authorities or, alternatively, the consulate in the receiving country.


If you are going to send a Quickpack product, express courier by air, you can reach us at 0771-269 269.

If you send any of the other products, you can reach us at 020-765 000.

Other relevant websites you can visit:

A CMR waybill is an international waybill that is specific to each customer. For some of our business areas, we gather these CMR waybills from you when you order freight from us. Among other things, the waybill contains information about: sender, recipient, parcels, weight, size, place of shipment, place of arrival, etc. We help you to complete the CMR waybill when you book the transport if you do not require anything else.

If you want to complete the CMR waybill for your product yourself, the following fields must be filled in. Please note that you may never mix different countries on the same CMR waybill.

  • The sender's and recipient's name and address (for BulkSplit, the sender, recipient, terminal and representative's name and address must be stated)
  • Number of pallets
  • Number of enclosed customs clearance documents
  • Specification of service
    • Parcels/pallets
    • Number of pallets per service (i.e. if you are sending a shipment with several different services, you must disclose the number of pallets for each specific service, e.g. 2 pallets with letters, 3 pallets with business parcels, etc.)
    • Weight per pallet
  • For EDI shipments, check-mark the field "EDI shipment"
  • Total weight (gross and net)
  • Recipient/agent (the person/entity that will pay the import charge)
  • Sender's signature, town/city and date