Pick up and return your parcels at Bring's parcel lockers

Bring's parcel lockers make it magically easy for you to collect and return your packages near where you live, work, or travel. You can use our mobile app Bring at all times of the day.

Woman wearing a bicycle helmet picking up parcel in a Bring parcel locker

You can easily download the Bring app to your mobile:

When you receive an SMS from us notifying you that your package is ready for pickup, the sender is Bringbox. So, it's us. No scam, no bluff. Bringbox is us, Bring.

How does it work?

  1. Choose delivery to a 'Bring Parcel Locker' at the checkout on the online store.
  2. Always provide your mobile number when placing an order. You will receive an SMS from us when the package is on its way, and afterward, you will receive a message on your mobile from Bringbox when the package is ready for pickup in the parcel locker.
  3. To collect and return packages in Bring's parcel lockers, you need to download and use our Bring app. As a user, for security reasons, you will also need to identify yourself with BankID to open the locker door in the parcel locker.

Please note that your specific mobile number is tied to your user account in the app - therefore, always provide the same mobile number when ordering from the online store. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to manage your packages - both when you pick them up and when you return them.

Are you a business customer?

Offer parcel lockers as a delivery method in your checkout.

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