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Parcel lockers

Add parcel lockers to your checkout

Did you know that 19% of those who shop online would rather have chosen a parcel locker as their delivery method if that had been an alternative?

A man is picking up a parcel from a Bring parcel locker

With parcel lockers, your customers have the opportunity to pick up parcels whenever they want, around the clock and somewhere close to where they already are. A simple and flexible delivery option.

Why should you choose our parcel lockers?

  • It is a flexible delivery method that is close to where your customers are
  • Your customers can pick up their parcel whenever they want, around the clock and avoid queuing
  • Today, 6.1 million Swedes get their parcels delivered with electricity, HVO or biogas
  • On average, parcels are picked up already on the first or second day
  • Your customers can also return their parcels via all our parcel boxes
  • You can easily add parcel lockers to your checkout using our Pickup Point API

Do you also want to offer parcel lockers as a delivery method in your checkout?

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How to add parcel lockers to your checkout

In order to use parcel lockers as a delivery option for your customers, your online store must use Bring's Pickup Point API. With the API, you can offer your customers the opportunity to choose the delivery location themselves where this is relevant. Having the opportunity to choose the delivery location yourself can be a good competitive advantage for your online store. It costs nothing to start using the API.

Give your customers the option of choosing a parcel box as a delivery option. All you need is our Pickup Point Api

 If you need help getting started or have questions, please contact checkoutse@bring.com.

This is how the parcel lockers work

The parcel locker is a self-service solution that allows your customers to pick up their parcels around the clock. It has boxes in three sizes, small, medium and large. The parcel can be a maximum of 50x44x59 cm.

This delivery option is particularly good for you who sell, for example, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, small electronics etc. as most orders will be able to fit in a box.

When a customer has selected a parcel locker at the checkout, an SMS is sent with a link to download the Brings parcel locker app and you then register with your bank ID and mobile number.

When the parcel is on its way and ready for collection, a push notification is sent from the app. Then it's time to go to the parcel locker, follow the instructions in the app and connect Bluetooth and the parcel is ready to be picked up.

Returns from parcel lockers

Your customers can also send returns from all our parcel lockers and this is done via our app "Bring Paketbox". It is the same tracking and process as return via a pickup point. Our drivers collect returns every day before filling up the boxes with new parcels. Your customers receive a confirmation of the return via our app.

Here are the parcel lockers

The parcel lockers are placed in strategic locations, indoors and outdoors, in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö where many people move daily, for example at shopping malls, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, condominium associations and parking garages. As a customer, you have the opportunity to use our entire network with approximately 6,000 pickup points throughout the Nordics.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about our parcel lockers?

Cotnact us via our form below or get in touch with your sales contact if you're already a customer with Bring.

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