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Pallets to companies

When your company needs to send standard pallets to other companies in Sweden, within the Nordics or to other countries in Europe.

  • We deliver in Sweden, within the Nordics or to the rest of Europe
  • Pallets up to 750 kg
  • We deliver within 1-3 business days in Sweden and the Nordics
  • Today, 6.1 million Swedes get their parcels delivered with electricity, HVO or biogas

When your shipment is too big to be sent as a parcel, you can use our pallet service. This service is a good complement for you who use Bring Parcel's parcel services, and is primarily intended for lower quantities of individual standard pallets, ie. EUR pall.

We pick up the pallets at the front door or gate, and deliver to the door/gate or goods receipt/loading dock of your customer. The advantages of pallets are among other things that goods that are stacked and placed on pallets are better protected against damage than loose packaging. The pallet may weigh a maximum of 750 kg and we deliver it within 1-3 business days in Sweden and the Nordics. Your shipment is traceable.

As a guideline, a consignment with the service should not exceed 3500 kg or 3 pallets per consignment occasion and recipient. To send goods that are heavier than 750 kg or too large for a EUR pallet, visit our cargo page for more services.

A Bring driver pulls a pallet jack with parcels to a company

How big and heavy?

Weight and measurements.

Maximum weight per pallet: 750 kg

The shipment should not exceed 3 pallets per shipment.

Maximum dimensions: length 120 cm, width 80 cm, height 180 cm

The goods must be wrapped in plastic and well secured on a standard pallet (dimensions, see above). We send your pallets to recipients throughout Sweden and the Nordics, and deliver to a ramp or door.

See our terms and conditions

    Here's how to proceed

  1. 1

    Packing and packaging

    Pack the goods in a safe way, with shock-absorbing material and correct outer packaging. 

    More good tips on how to pack and label can be found here.

  2. 2

    Ordering and collection

    Order the delivery directly in Mybring, via API, EDI or in your TA system. Order no later than 11.30 for collection the same day. The goods are picked up at a specific place, e.g. at a goods reception.

  3. 3

    During the transport

    With our tracking service, you can track your delivery along the way. Delivery time is 1 day to large parts of the country. You will find the time of your delivery in Mybring.

  4. 4

    Delivery and reception

    The recipient receives the delivery to the door between 08-16, Monday to Friday.

Additional Services

  • With these two additional services, you can also send pallets with dimensions other than the standard dimensions that apply to the Business Pallet. You can send your half and quarter pallets to recipients in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It is only possible to send half pallets to Norway.

    Dimensions and weight per pallet

    1/2 Pallet - Max dimensions: Length 80 cm, width 60 cm and height 150 cm (including packaging and pallet height).
    Weight max 400 kg per pallet (including packaging and pallet weight)

    1/4 Pallet - Max dimensions: Length 60 cm, width 40 cm and height 120 cm (including packaging and pallet height).
    Weight max 200 kg per pallet (including packaging and pallet weight).

  • Parcel
    The driver carries the parcel to any designated place at your recipient's place for example to a storage room or desk.

    Upon delivery of the pallet, the pallet is split up and each individual parcel is carried to the designated place. If the recipient so wishes, the driver can take the empty pallet with him after carrying in the goods.

  • Parcels may be lost or damaged on the way to the recipient. We therefore recommend that you take out our supplementary insurance Cargo Insurance. The compensation is based on the fair value of the shipment and does not involve any deductible. We reimburse amounts up to:

    100,000 SEK or 10,000 EUR for your parcels
    1,000,000 SEK or 100,000 EUR for your pallets
    If you do not have Cargo Insurance, your right to compensation is tried in accordance with the provisions of NSAB 2015. Compensation is only allowed when Bring Parcels AB has caused the damage and the level of compensation is based on an amount per kilo - regardless of the value of the parcel's content. The compensation is 8.33 SDR * per kilo for road transport and 17 SDR per kilo for air freight.

    The insurance can be taken out for each individual parcel or pallet. Full compensation is given for the value of the goods, and you pay no deductible. It is the policyholder himself who states the value of the goods and it must be based on the goods' costs and any trading profit. This means that if you insure your item for, for example, 1,000 SEK , it must include the invoice value, shipping, insurance premium, any profit and customs.

    The maximum insurance amount for packages is 100,000 SEK or 10,000 EUR and for pallets 1,000,000 SEK or 100,000 EUR.

    Cargo Insurance can be taken out for

    All types of permitted goods, except mobile phones, wine, tobacco products, spirits, refrigerated, frozen and fresh goods or goods that are already damaged.
    For shipments to and from all countries except Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    For more information about insurance terms, see firstmarine.dk, which is our partner regarding insurance.

    You can choose to pay a fixed price for each individual shipment. The price varies depending on whether the shipment is to be sent to Europe or to the rest of the world. However, the premium is the same regardless of the value of the shipment. If you want to insure your parcels and pallets in this way, you can do so easily via our insurance order form, which you will find via this link.

    You can also choose to insure all your parcels and pallets for one year ahead. Then each parcel and pallet is insured automatically when you send them with Bring Parcels AB. Agreements on full-year insurance are written at the same time as your customer agreement and the premium for full-year insurance are calculated on the total value of the parcels and pallets that you send with us for one year. The prize is divided and added to the price of each parcel or pallet that you send. If you want to take out a year-round insurance, you sign an insurance agreement with your seller.

  • Each country has different rules, so read the information below and see what applies to the labelling of parcels for the country you are sending parcels to.

    The additional Cash On Delivery service can be combined with:

    • Business Parcel to the Faroe Islands and Greenland
    • Business Parcel Bulk to Finland, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands
    • PickUp Parcel to the Faroe Islands and Greenland
    • PickUp Parcel Bulk to Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland
    • PickUp Parcel Budget to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

    When you use Cash On Delivery as an additional service, select the COD in the system you use to print your shipping labels and EDI so that the shipping label states that the parcel will be delivered with Cash On Delivery. The transport label must contain the COD triangle, COD amount, your bank account number and possibly payment reference.

    To Iceland, a payment card must be filled in, which is placed in a plastic pocket and attached to the parcel. For other countries, no payment card is required for the parcel.

    If the parcel is delivered without the COD amount having been collected, Bring Parcels AB is responsible for the entire COD amount, provided that the parcel has been marked in accordance with current rules and that the EDI file has been transferred at the time of shipment with relevant information.

    If necessary, you have the opportunity, for a fee, to change or delete incorrect COD amounts. The condition is that the parcel has not yet been delivered to the recipient. Fill in our form (download) and send to customer service and we will help you.

    Important to keep in mind when sending your parcels with COD

    Each country has different rules, so read the information below and see what applies to the labeling of parcels for the country you are sending parcels to.

    How to label your COD parcels (PDF)

    Bank account (COD account) with OCR

    Account with OCR means that you as a payee receive an automatic settlement from your bank with information about which of your customers have paid in COD amounts. The information always contains a COD reference that shows which customer has paid the COD amount to you. The COD reference consists of a number of digits, where the last digit is a check digit. You will receive information about the calculation of the check digit from your bank.

    Bank account (COD account) without OCR

    An account without OCR means that you as a payee do not receive automatic settlement from your bank. You will instead receive a copy of the payment card where you see which COD amount has been paid. If you also want a COD reference, you have the option of using a free text field. An example of free text is invoice number.

    Creditor number

    The creditor number consists of eight digits, and is only used when sending COD parcels to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Always inform your contact person in Bring about this number, as it will be printed on the payment card.

  • The driver notifies your recipient by phone 30 minutes before the expected delivery. Suitable for you who have recipients who are not always on site at the office or workplace.

  • Your delivery is delivered to the recipient even if the he/she is not present at the time of delivery and can acknowledge the shipment. The driver places the delivery in the best possible place and the recipient does not have to pick it up himself or book a new delivery.

    Bring is responsible for delivering the goods in accordance with the written instructions in EDI and on the transport label. If there are no written instructions, delivery takes place, if possible, outside the door at the specified address. In cases where instructions cannot be followed or the driver deems that delivery cannot take place in a safe manner, the consignment may be returned to the sender. Flex Delivery can be used in combination with the services and destinations below.

    The claim for compensation for the parcel or pallet expires when the parcel or pallet has been processed and delivered in accordance with the applicable conditions. In cases where the customer can document that any loss or damage has occurred during Bring's handling, Bring's general terms of service apply.

  • This additional service gives you the possibility to notify your recipients via text and/or e-mail that the parcel is on its way, and the date and place of delivery. The message means that the recipient receives information more quickly that the parcel has been delivered to the service office and thus the recipient can pick up his/her consignment without delay. In cases where the parcel is delivered to the recipient's door, the message indicates when delivery will take place to the recipient's address. The recipients can thus more easily plan their activities in connection with the delivery.

    You can order this service easily by selecting the additional service in Mybring or another EDI-supported TA system. By entering the recipient's mobile number and/or e-mail, we send a text/e-mail instead of a traditional letter notification.

    For parcels and pallets to companies, the message is sent on the day when the parcel has arrived at the terminal and is to be delivered.

    eAdvising is an additional service for our solutions:

    • Business Parcel, DK & NO
    • Business Parcel Bulk, DK & NO
    • Business Pallet, DK
    • Express Nordic 09:00 Bulk NO
    • PickUp Parcel, FI, DK, NO & SE
    • PickUp Parcel Bulk, DK, SE, NO & FI
    • Home Delivery Parcel SE, NO & FI
  • When you use this service, you send the information in your commercial invoice in a file when the shipment is picked up from you. The EDI file is then sent to Norway so the goods can be cleared through customs as soon as they arrive in Oslo. From there, they are then quickly sent out to your recipients, regardless of where they are in Norway.

    To be able to use this service, you must send the customs information via EDI. You must use one of the file formats for EDI transfer offered by Bring Parcels. The service is most cost-effective for you who send more than 50 product groups per shipment. Paper copies of the commercial invoice or other necessary customs documentation must always be attached to the physical shipment. In the event of deviations from the guidelines that have been agreed, deviation costs will be added in accordance with the agreement. For further information about the Customs Clearance Information service via EDI, contact your seller.

  • Ad Hoc Pickup is an additional service that can be used by your customers without a fixed collection agreement or when they do not have a return label for their return items.

    Your return shipment will be picked up the day after the pickup has been ordered if the order is placed before 13.00. Ad Hoc Pickup is an additional service that can be used by your Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish customers for returns within the Nordics (excl. Iceland).

    The additional service Ad Hoc Pickup has a fixed price and can be combined with the products:
    • Business Parcel Return
    • Business Parcel Bulk Return
    • Business Pallet Return

    Get in touch with your sales contact, and you will receive Ad Hoc Pickup in your agreement and more detailed instructions.

    Instructions on how to quickly and easily book an Ad Hoc Pickup can be attached to your shipments or sent separately to your recipients.