VOEC – VAT On E-Commerce

In connection with the abolition of the 350 kronor limit for duty-free imports in 2020, the Norwegian authorities launched the VOEC scheme. This scheme makes it possible to collect Norwegian VAT in the online store, pay this to Skatteetaten (the Norwegian tax authorities) and avoid customs clearance in Norway. If textiles are sold through the VOEC scheme, customs duties are also avoided.

The scheme requires registration with Skatteetaten and is available to foreign companies that sell non-restricted goods with a value of less than 3000 NOK to private individuals in Norway. We recommend that you start a dialogue with Skatteetaten to clarify whether your company is qualified for the VOEC scheme or whether a traditional NUF registration is the solution for you.

If you want to send VOEC goods with Bring, you must first of all have a transport agreement with us, and it must be possible to exchange detailed information per package electronically with Bring.

Contact us if you want to know more about what applies for VOEC shippings with Bring.

  • Read more about VOEC at Skatteetaten
  • Contact Skatteetaten via e-mail
  • See what Tolletaten (Norwegian customs) writes about online shopping and the VOEC scheme

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