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Do you want to report any unacceptable conditions?

Do you want to report any unacceptable conditions?

At Posten Norge and Bring we accept reports and concerns about unacceptable conditions.

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At Posten Norge and Bring we are committed to ensuring that our suppliers comply with Posten Norge and Bring’s ethical standard for suppliers. We have therefore created an email box for those of you who are employed by a supplier carrying out assignments for Posten Norge and Bring


Notify us if you believe there is any reason to suspect criminal offences or misconduct. Misconduct refers to breaches of legal rules and guidelines or generally accepted ethical standards. 

Examples of unacceptable conditions:

  • Risks to life and health 
  • Risks for climate or the environment
  • Corruption or other financial crimes, including financial impropriety, embezzlement, undeclared work, postal and freight theft, manipulation of financial reporting and other criminal acts
  • Unsafe working environment

What can't you report?

  • Conditions that are perceived to be misconduct based on one's own political or ethical convictions
  • Professional disagreements

Therefore, before taking contact you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have a basis for the criticism, and can the conditions be documented?
  • Who should I inform?

We encourage you to state your name when you contact us about matters that you believe may be unacceptable. In this way, we will have the best possible basis for following up on the matter, if there is a need for discussions or further information. In some cases this can be difficult. You must try to provide as much information as possible, so that the recipient of the email has a basis for assessing the matter in more detail. Posten Norge and Bring may have difficulty investigating an anonymous tip-off if it does not contain sufficient information. 

How do Posten Norge and Bring handle such reports?

  • All inquiries and alerts will be investigated in more detail. 
  • Posten Norge and Bring will ensure proper handling of the case.
  • The person who filed the report will receive confirmation that the request has been received.
  • Prior to further processing of the case, the person who filed the report may be contacted by us for further clarifications.
  • Persons filing a report will be given feedback when the case has been processed.
  • When you use the reporting channel, the case you submit is received by the Ethics team for the Supply Chain at Posten Norge and Bring. 
  • If you provide personal information, please be aware that the organisation may use your personal information in connection with the investigation and handling of the matter. This means that the information may be shared with relevant internal case officers at Posten Norge and Bring. 
  • Recorded data will only be retained for as long as required.  The data is deleted 1 year after the case is closed.
  • If you have any further questions about how your data is processed, please contact speakup@bring.com