Temperature-regulated logistics

For when you need to transport goods in a temperature-regulated network of vehicles, refrigerated warehouses, cold stores and terminals.

  • Temperature-regulated transport within Sweden or to the rest of the world
  • Temperature-regulated storage throughout the Nordic region


A temperature-regulated network of vehicles and terminals allows you to transport temperature-sensitive goods, for example by refrigerated transport (+2 to +8ºC) or frozen transport (up to -18ºC), safely within Sweden, the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

If your goods require transportation to or from Sweden, this is done by road, sea or air freight, depending on the best option. We can also assist you with customs clearance and veterinary inspection if needed.

This service is suitable for customers that require transportation of food or medicines, where defined temperature zones and an unbroken cold chain are essential.



Our refrigerated warehouses are strategically located throughout the Nordic region, providing warehousing solutions for all types of goods that require chilled storage (-2° till +8°C), frozen storage (-25°C) or a defined temperature zone. Our refrigerated warehouses can take care of everything from freezing to picking and pallet handling.

The warehouses are HACCP-approved and BRC-certified for food safety. If your goods require a customised solution, we can tailor a refrigerated warehousing solution to meet your company’s needs.  The solution is based on your company’s sales, order frequency and the location of your customers etc. This helps us determine the best possible location for your stock in terms of cost effectiveness and lead time.

Customs warehousing

Customs warehouses allow you to store goods without payment of duty without a time limit. You do not pay any duty or tax while the goods are in storage and our special customs permits mean we can check that your imported goods match both invoice and shipping documentation. We can also manage transit and documentation for your goods.

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