How we prepare for Black Friday and Christmas

The most intensive e-commerce period of the year is almost here, with Black Friday and Christmas approaching. Our forecasts for the peak period indicate that we can expect very high parcel volumes this year as well. We have therefore put in a number of measures to deal with this.

These measures include extended weekend deliveries, to both pickup points and homes in most of the country, weekend sorting of parcels at our terminals and extra staffing both at terminals and among drivers. 

We started planning for this year’s peak period as soon as last year’s peak ended. We’ve evaluated what worked well and what can be improved. The peak season is the most intense, but also the most fun part of the year. 

Hanna Jonasson, Operations Director in Sweden, Denmark and Finland

The measures we are taking 

  1. Expanded terminal capacity in several locations, including new sorting machines in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. 
  2. Extra staffing at our terminals in production, at sorting terminals and distribution terminals. With operations around the clock and at weekends during the most intensive parts of the period. 
  3. Increased number of pickup points, particularly in the metropolitan regions. 
  4. More vehicles for the extended weekend deliveries, to both pickup points and homes, as well as increased capacity for scheduled services. 
  5. Extra staffing and extended opening hours, both weekdays and weekends, for our customer service. 
  6. Live chat as a complement to phone, email and chatbot. 

Together during Black Friday and Christmas 

We are well prepared and will do our utmost to deliver your parcels on time and with the quality you expect. However, despite good planning and reinforcement measures, delivery times may differ from normal at certain times when volumes increase. You should therefore be prepared for slightly longer lead times. 

But there are a few things you can do to make your supply chain run as smoothly as possible: 

  • Please contact us if you expect significant volume changes.  
  • Package your parcels safely, so that the contents can withstand handling and transport. 
  • Make sure that address labels and barcodes are readable and attached correctly.

Flexible and green deliveries 

It is important that we can offer our customers and recipients flexible and greener deliveries. We are therefore working constantly to improve our delivery services. Here are some examples of solutions we have in place to make the delivery more convenient and flexible for your customers: 

  • Using mobile BankID, your customer can let someone else collect the parcel from the pickup point. 
  • Customers can redirect their pickup point delivery to a home delivery. 
  • We have a simple function in place in our tracking solution that allows recipients to see when it is least busy at each pickup point. 

Did you know that your deliveries have become even greener, as we’re now delivering totally fossil-free in 345 locations in Sweden? 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your contact at Bring.