International mail

When you as a company, association or organisation wants to send mail – such as invoices, magazines and small parcels – to recipients abroad.

  • Small parcels and magazines
  • Direct Marketing and catalogues
  • Invoices and account statements

Small parcels and magazines

We make sure that your customers get their goods delivered safely.

Mail order and electronic commerce in particular are growing on an apparently endless market with advanced technical solutions. The electronic book and music trade is already a given - shopping seamlessly online should be as easy as going to your local dealer. In addition, trade-oriented and lifestyle press has become more niche specific and everyone wants their own special magazine. In other words, an enormous need for deliveries. 

Direct Marketing and catalogues

We help you to deliver post that generates business and forms customer relations

The letter box is an excellent channel for cultivating business and customer relations. Globalisation and deregulation have opened up an infinite market of new business opportunities and more potential customers to process. IT advances facilitate increasingly smarter and more effective processing of customers and their replies. 


Invoices and account statements

We offer effective and reliable deliveries of your financial and administration post.

Companies are doing business over national borders to an ever greater extent. They even expand into other countries and make people in different parts of the world their colleagues. To do so requires that administration and documentation can cross borders to reach the right recipient in the right time. This is often a question of regular and frequent mass distributions that require attention to detail, excellent routines and the proper resources. 

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