Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)

For when you want to take a comprehensive approach to your logistics flow by combining several logistics services.

  • Simplify and improve your logistics
  • Plan your procurement
  • Manage your inventory

Fourth Party Logistics

Fourth party logistics helps you simplify and improve your logistics in the case of large, complex flows of goods, nationally as well as internationally.

You can supplement our logistics services with administrative logistics services, for example inventory management, coordination and project management to streamline your entire logistics chain. Further developing your logistics and customising a unique solution that matches your needs puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Plan your procurement and manage your inventory

When you need help with the operational responsibility of planning the procurement of your suppliers or factories, a fourth party logistics solution may suit you. We help you control your incoming flow of goods, planning incoming transport, warehouse optimisation and efficient inventory management.

Coordinate and organise your supply chain

A fourth party logistics solution helps you coordinate all the activities in your supply chain from registration of orders to picking, distribution and customer contact, so that your customers get their deliveries and service as agreed.
Online reporting systems and order tracking ensure continuous monitoring as well as a common reporting system, electronic invoicing and pricing. In combination with tried and tested EDI integration between your systems and our business system, as well as a web portal for customer orders, you and your customers get the best possible service.

Manage your financial flow

Fourth party logistics (4PL) help manage your financial flow, as well as accounting, invoicing and invoice checking, in connection with your incoming and outgoing goods. You can also make it easier for your company to move into new markets by allowing the fourth party logistics provider to own your goods.

Develop your business

Continuously developing your company’s logistics flows creates cost-effective supply chains by adjusting costs related to transport, storage, administration, inventory management and procurement.

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