Sulpher supplement (MARPOL) for parcels and pallets

The MARPOL Convention, which regulates the maximum permissible sulphur content in marine fuel, introduced a new Sulphur Directive on 1 January 2015. The new directive means that the sulphur content of marine fuel must be reduced from the current 1.0 to 0.1%. This covers all shipping in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel (SECA). Because of the new directive, shipping companies are working hard to find solutions that reduce their sulphur emissions. This is also resulting in higher costs for the shipping companies and thereby also for Bring.

We are introducing a sulphur supplement starting in August 2015 for transports to affected international destinations. The new sulphur supplement will not affect transports within and between Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The sulphur supplement will be calculated on the basis of the invoiced freight cost, excluding our additional services and other fuel supplements. The cost will be charged separately on the invoice.

Current sulphur supplement (applies as of: 150801)

  Parcels Pallets
Within the Nordic region 0% 0%
From Sweden, Denmark and Norway to the EU and the rest of the world 0,4% 1,5%
From the rest of the EU/rest of the world to Sweden, Norway and Denmark  0.4% 1.5%
From Sweden, Denmark and Norway to Finland 1.7% 4%
From Finland to Sweden, Denmark and Norway 1.7% 4%
From Finland to the rest of the EU/rest of the world 2.1% 5.5%
From the EU/rest of the world to Finland 2.1% 5.5%