FAQs about parcels

  • How do I book pick-up of my parcel?

    Book your pick-up using Mybring. The order must be placed by 12.00 noon at the latest for pick-up the same day. The cargo will then be picked up between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm the same day. Note that pick-up does not need to be booked separately for courier or express services.

  • Where is my parcel?

    You can track your parcel by entering the parcel number in the search field at the top of the page.

  • How do I create a return shipping label?

    When you have received your verification code from the company the parcel should be returned to. You can create your return shipping label on our returns page (in Swedish).

  • My parcel has not arrived. What can be the reason?

    Your goods may have been delayed for the following reasons: the wrong address has been used, for example, the PO box address instead of the street address, insufficient packaging, insufficient documentation for customs clearance or because some company names sound like a person (to avoid this use the word company, Ltd. etc. when sending something to a company).

    If you are a consumer and you are waiting for a parcel that has not arrived, contact the company that sent you the parcel.

    If you are a Bring customer and have sent a parcel that has not arrived, first search using Mybring. If you require further assistance, contact us at cs@bring.com or on +46 8 400 00 765 and we will help you.

  • I want to take out extra cargo insurance. What do I do?

    Your items are insured under the conditions of the agreement you signed with us, which means you will receive compensation in case of loss or damage. However, liability is limited and it does not always cover the value of the cargo. If you want to take out extra cargo insurance, you can do this on our insurance page.

  • What do I do if my parcel has been damaged or delayed and I need to make a complaint?

    If a shipment has been damaged, delayed or lost because of Bring’s handling of it, you can make a complaint. Complete the form on our customer service page and we will get back to you.

  • The price on my invoice does not match the price you quoted when I ordered.

    The price quoted when you order is based on the details you gave concerning weight, size and measurements. The weight and measurements of the parcel are always subsequently checked and it is priced according to the correct information, which is why the price quoted does not always match the price charged.

    If you have more invoicing questions, please contact invoicing.se@bring.com.

  • How do I book a pick-up?

    You can book a pick-up by logging in to Mybring or calling +46 8 400 00 765.

  • How do I book a return?

    If you are a contract customer with a returns contract, you can book returns in Mybring. If you have a verification code, you can book returns here (in Swedish)