Greener and more flexible home deliveries

Take advantage of an even better and more sustainable home delivery offer for parcels! Our new home delivery solution comes with many benefits, such as many and more precise deliveries for your customers. As well as greater flexibility since they can easily track their deliveries in real time.

Bring-chaufför som levererar ett paket hem till en kund.

Get our new home delivery solution and give your customers a better delivery experience. Below we tell you more about that you receive with our home delivery offer.

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Many and more precise home deliveries

Our new home delivery offer gives you access to many and more precise home deliveries, that covers a bigger geography.

  • Our home deliveries reach nearly 9 million recipients 5 days a week, of which they reach over 6 millions recipients during the evening.
  • Weekend deliveries are standard in big cities such as Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.
  • For an extra fast delivery, we offer same day deliveryes in several metropolitan areas.

Today’s online customers place higher demands on precise, fast and greener deliveries at affordable delivery options. Delivery when, where and as it suits the recipient.

Tobias Åbonde, responsible in the Nordics for home deliveries at Bring

Greater flexibility for the customers

With a more modern and up-to-date digital interface, it's easier for your customers to follow their deliveries in real time. They can also choose to buy different additional services, such as a more precise delivery window, choice of delivery location etc.

- With our new network solution, we can offer our customers faster lead times from order to delivery. This also gives us the opportunity to develop both market leading services as well as digital solutions that meet the end consumers' wishes when they shop online. This is to provide the best possible recipient experience together with our customers, says Tobias.

Fossil-free home deliveries into the future

All of our deliveries will be fossil-free by the year of 2025, but already now 50% of our home deliveries in Sweden are fossil free. Regardless if the parcel is for a private individual or a company, we make sure that the delivery will be not only as fast but also as green as possible.

As part of us becoming greener, our home deliveries of parcels in Stockholm city and the suburbs are already emissions free, driven by electric cars. Also, our home deliveries from the terminals in Malmö and Linköping are fossil free, and our home deliveries from the terminals in Stockholm and Gothenburg are already fossil-free.

- Although we can make a long list of what has already been done, we don't want to nor can we just lean back and be satisfied. We can and must do more. A completely green supply chain is created only when we are many that help each other, Tobias finishes.

All the advantages:

  • Many and more precise delivery windows to more customers, both during the day, evening and weekends.
  • Same day deliveries in Stockholm.
  • Bigger flexibility with a new digital interface that makes it easier for your customers to track their deliveries in real time.
  • The customers can buy additional services, such as a more precise delivery window and choice of delivery location.
  • More sustainable deliveries - fossil free in metropolitan areas (Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and Linköping) and completely emissions free deliveries in Stockholm city and the suburbs.

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