For when you as a company, association or organisation want to send mail – e.g. advertising, newspapers, invoices and small parcels – to recipients within Sweden or the Nordic region.

  • Within Sweden or to the other Nordic countries
  • Distribution according to a fixed three-day schedule
  • Climate neutral

Sending mail within Sweden

In Sweden your mail is sent to over five million Swedes in the three metropolitan regions, the Mälaren Valley and on Gotland.

  • Advertising - Addressed direct mail, Advertising addressed to the household and Unaddressed direct mail
  • Invoices - For companies that regularly send invoices.
  • Office mail - You can decide how quickly you want your mail delivered: First-class or second-class mail. We will pick up your office mail from your premises.
  • Newspapers - Weekly magazines that are delivered during the day or morning papers.
  • Mailbox parcels - Find out more about our small parcel service to the mailbox on the Business to consumer page.

In Sweden your mail is delivered to the recipient’s letterbox and is covered by a delivery guarantee that guarantees delivery on agreed days.

You can get a discount on your mail distribution if your mail has been sorted and digitally notified by a Citymail Preprocessing Partner.

My Citymail

In the My Citymail customer portal you can get a full overview of your orders in a clear monthly calendar and you can see the detailed status of all your orders. In the order and invoice archive, you can see financial information about your orders, including what each order has cost and a copy of the invoice.


How effective was your mailing?

Direct mail campaigns are often assessed by measuring the response, but direct mail is a media channel that can be easily measured. A campaign evaluation helps you to measure and analyse what the recipients actually thought about your mailing at an affordable price. This provides you with information that helps you make your next direct mail campaign even more effective.

A campaign evaluation of direct mailing measures the following:

  • Did recipients notice the mail?
  • Did they read it?
  • What did they think about the wording?
  • Was it interesting/relevant/credible?
  • How did they interpret the message communicated?
  • Have they responded or do they intend to respond?
  • If not, why?


To get a clearer idea of how your communication stands up to the competition you can compare the results of your evaluation to the other results in our campaign evaluation database, EFFEKTbasen, which contains over 1200 evaluations.


Sending mail to the Nordic region

Are you doing more and more cross-border business? Do you need to send mail within the Nordic region and beyond? We can help you both with services covering the Nordic region and national services on the local market.

This service is suitable for companies sending advertising, magazines, invoices and statements of account. If you also have lighter goods that fit through a letterbox, you can read more about how to send them on the Business to consumer page.

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